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Using Tamoxifen Citrate for Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Breast cancer is not an easy disease to have or develop because this condition is very deadly.  In fact, cancer of the breast is one of the leading causes of death for women all over the world.  If you have this disease at its early stages or you have been diagnosed as high risk in developing the disease, you can use tamoxifen citrate to treat your cancer or prevent its onset.  Throughout the world, lots of women have used tamoxifen citrate and many of them have managed to control and get rid of their breast cancer issue.

Since breast cancer is fatal, using tamoxifen citrate is necessary to allow you to live your life fully and not be limited due to a disease.  Through the use of tamoxifen citrate, you will be able to extend your life, free from the bindings of the cancer as tamoxifen citrate helps women solve their breast cancer issue by treating them of the disease that threatens their life as well as the possible future of their family.  A lot of doctors are aware of the effective treatment capability of tamoxifen citrate which is why they often prescribe tamoxifen citrate to patients who have the disease at its early stages, or they have high risk in developing the disease.  Through tamoxifen citrate use, women with such issues will be able to get over their condition.

In the past, women who develop breast cancer had no means of stopping the disease except through chemotherapy.  These days, thanks to advancements in treatment drugs, women can use tamoxifen citrate as treatment for their cancer issue.  Tamoxifen citrate is very effective as long as you remain true to its treatment.  Since tamoxifen citrate is a hormonal treatment, you need to regularly use the drug for its treatment effect to become effective.  If you do not plan to use tamoxifen citrate as needed, then it will only be waste.  However, if you remain true to the treatment, you will eventually be treated from the disease after at least 2-3 years of continuous treatment using tamoxifen citrate.

Tamoxifen citrate is available at your local pharmacy as well as online.  In the past, your option to buying this drug was only at physical stores.  These days, thanks to the advent of e-commerce, you can now buy this treatment drug online and benefit from the great deals that are available online.

The truth is that the deals you can find online are aplenty.  If you are looking for tamoxifen citrate deals online, then you will surely be able to find some as long as you do some looking around.  Even if you do not do some looking around, the prices of tamoxifen citrate online are much lower than what you will find at physical pharmacies.  This is the very reason why more and more women choose to buy tamoxifen citrate online because they are able to save money when they buy their breast cancer treatment drug online.  Since they will be using tamoxifen citrate for a long time, getting the most savings from each pill will surely yield into a lot of savings.

Amoxicillin 500mg – The Friendly Antibiotic

If you live in the modern world, it is likely that you have already used amoxicillin 500mg at some point in your life.  This is because amoxicillin 500mg is one of the most widely available and used antibiotics all over the world.  There is hardly any drugstore or pharmacy globally that does not have amoxicillin 500mg or its branded versions on stock.  A lot of people buy amoxicillin 500mg for treating bacterial infections.  It is very effective in treating most basic types of bacterial infections.  As long as amoxicillin 500mg is used as indicated by your doctor, it will be able to treat your infection without any fuss.

Amoxicillin 500mg is actually very safe to use which is why it is considered to be the friendly antibiotic.  These days, it is not uncommon to find households that have amoxicillin 500mg in stock in their medicine cabinets as this drug can really be useful when it comes to doing quick treatment at the earliest signs of infection.  If you notice an infection or are developing an infection, if you have amoxicillin 500mg antibiotics in stock, you will be able to quickly purge the infection even before it fully blossoms into its disease form. Continue reading Amoxicillin 500mg – The Friendly Antibiotic

Tadalafil Tablets 20 mg Can Give Your Manhood Back

ED could be your most exceedingly bad dreams particularly when the condition starts at your extremely youthful age. Men have their sexuality at its most astounding top amid their more youthful years, and a few men at their seniority may too need to keep up their sexual wellbeing without limitations. In any case we couldn’t deny that there will come a point in a man’s life wherein he can encounter troubles in erection, and this could be transitory or lasting. A great deal of men with interim issues of ED have this sexual condition because of mental issues or push. For cases wherein weakness is perpetual, the underlying drivers are predominantly faulted to poor way of life, inherited, and direct to genuine medicinal issues. What’s more, with regards to managing the most exceedingly bad manifestations of erectile brokenness, just tadalafil tablets 20 mg has been viewed as among the top ED pills in the business sector that offers speedier, compelling, and top notch results.


The medication tadalafil tablets 20 mg is a famous ED pill referred to be as the weakend warrior pill because of its dependable impacts when contrasted with a normal prescription for feebleness. This medicine, tadalafil tablets 20 mg, can offer you awesome results for up to 36 hours thus you don’t have to pop out a pill everytime you feel you need to get close with your accomplice. Much the same as whatever is left of the ED drugs, tadalafil tablets 20 mg is a PDE5 inhibitor that works by improving the blood stream inside of the vein towards the genital zone of a man to have the capacity to manage ordinary erection when he turns out to be sexually energized.


In spite of the astounding advantages of tadalafil tablets 20 mg it is essential to note this is a medication thus you may expect some negative reactions amid prescription. Most men may endure wooziness, influenza like side effects, discombobulation, acid reflux, stomach distresses, hack, and flushing. In the event that you encounter any of the indications, you ought not stress subsequent to these are not genuine and will just live once the impacts of the medication wears out. A great deal of men think that its fair and does not by any stretch of the imagination mind these light reactions in return of astounding advantages of the medication. In the interim, on the off chance that you encounter genuine reactions like mid-section torment, hazy vision, hives, rashes, sudden loss of vision, breathing or gulping challenges, rankling of skin, erection that goes on for over 4 hours and went with agony, swelling of the face and bring down appendages, ringing in the ears, and other conceivable distresses, you are prescribed to go to the closest doctor’s facility quickly for treatment. Quit taking tadalafil tablets 20 mg as these can be indications of difficulties. Continue reading Tadalafil Tablets 20 mg Can Give Your Manhood Back

Have a Bacterial Infection? Take Amoxil 500mg

Amoxil 500mg is known by a lot of people through its common or generic name amoxicillin, which basically belongs to a class of drugs known as antibiotics.  Amoxil 500mg is considered to be very useful when it comes to getting rid of many different types of ailments or infections caused by bacteria.

Did you know that amoxil 500mg is one of the most common antibiotics that’s frequently prescribed for little children?  It is also a first choice for most adults who are suffering from certain bouts of bacterial infections.  Amoxil 500mg is so important that it actually is included in the list of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) List of Essential Medicines.  This means that amoxil 500mg must always be available as it is needed within a community’s health system.

Amoxil 500mg has a wide variety of medical uses for humans.  Amoxil 500mg can be thoroughly effective in treating infections including skin infections, pharyngitis caused by streptococci, acute otitis media or middle ear infection, infections of the urinary tract especially in women and children, Chlamydia infections, Lyme disease and pneumonia.  Amoxil 500mg is also very helpful when it comes to patients who have just had some sort of dental work done because amoxil 500mg effectively prevents bacterial endocarditis from occurring while they recover. Continue reading Have a Bacterial Infection? Take Amoxil 500mg

First Day of Seasonal Public Closing…Mark I on the Wall

So, it is the first day of our seasonal closing. (Yes, we are still working here at KHS. The seasonal closing doesn’t mean the organization is shut down or that we are turning off any lights.) To be honest, the staff here at KHS has been working towards this day in anticipation for weeks now, so it is a bit surprising to wake up this morning to find us actually here – those of us not snowed out, that is. I know we have been talking in this blog about what we plan on doing and how we are setting goals to make sure we accomplish those plans as we are sacrificing continual public hours for 3 months.

To give you some insight into the minds of the worker bees, I can tell you we are disappointed to not be able to keep the doors open for everyone to come in and see us for these winter months. We enjoy our interaction with the public and truly want to offer access to our collections and continue on with those educationally encouraging moments with youth of various ages. That is the bitter part of the closing, the sweet part is that we can now devote some serious time to making those collections accessible in the future.

This doesn’t mean that we have lost or misplaced any collections, I know we keep talking about “finding” things, but what we are really saying is that we are going to do a more detailed inventory. All of those records from 50 years ago that say “flag” or “journal” or “image of man on horse,” we are going to go through and detail a flag of what, a journal by whom and what was that guy doing on a horse anyway?  We are also planning on getting more of these collections – at a more detailed level – in our catalog, where you can search for them from home. OR in our digital catalog, where you can view them from home.

(IMAGE, right: The special collections and library staff are working on cataloging microfilm for all of the counties. You can tell what we have done as of today.)

Unfortunately, because of budget cuts in the last few years – as I am sure you are tired of hearing about – we don’t have the staff to effectively do both–keep the doors open year round AND created detailed level of online access for our collections. To strike a balance between the two, here we are – doors closed to walk-ins for a few months. BUT, for groups of 10 or more, including researchers, school groups, etc… we will open up for you with some advanced notice. We are also open the second Saturday for January and February, so plan your trips around that. We would love to show you what we have been doing while we were away.

(Image, left– Behind the scenes, the museum collections and exhibition team is keeping track of their progress on this wall-size chart. You can see the points already accomplished.)

My goals are developing projects and writing lots of grant applications, as well as catching up on our recent oral history collections donations in our record keeping software, PastPerfect, as well as beginning my new skill of cataloging oral history collections into our catalog. I want you to know what the 10,000 items we have in our oral history archive are – other than awesome, that is. I don’t want a repeat of what a student doing research in our library told me a few months ago, which was “the only reason I knew this oral history collection was here was because someone told me about it.”

I can’t wait for the day when that isn’t an issue. Thanks to the tough decision to adopt seasonal hours for 3 years, hopefully that will be a non-issue by 2014.

Of course, we will be updating you on our “findings” as we move on with the inventory/cataloging process. Keep checking back in and don’t be afraid to let us know what you think…seriously.

New beginnings for the Kentucky Folklife Program Archive

As many of you know the Kentucky Folklife Program (KFP) has been a part of and located in the Kentucky Historical Society—for over two decades. The KFP’s main mission has been to identify, document, conserve, and present the Commonwealth’s diverse living traditions, generally referred to as folklife. Over a year ago I was hired as the Project Archivist to process and catalog the 20 years of KFP collections so they would be more accessible to researchers. For the last 12 months I have gone through over 90+ boxes of documentation including: surveys, reports, field notes, interview logs, photographs, audio, and video materials all pertaining to the diverse cultural traditions of our great Commonwealth of Kentucky. I have discovered some amazing research materials including collections relating to many aspects of Kentucky life: Ethnic diversity, food ways, musical traditions, craftsmanship, occupational folklore and much more. I’ve had a blast!
KFP archive boxed at KHS
KFP collection boxed and ready to move.

In 2011, it was decided to transition the Kentucky Folklife Program from the Kentucky Historical Society to Western Kentucky University (WKU), leading to plans for the KFP archives to follow through a transfer to the Manuscripts and Folklife Archives in the Kentucky Museum at WKU. WKU is a leading research institution in the study and practice of Folklore. This move is a healthy transition for not only the KFP but also the archival collections. Integrating the KFP archives into the already existing folklife collections held in the Manuscripts and Folklife Archive at WKU will make the Kentucky Museum home to the most extensive and dynamic archival collections of culture and folklife in the state of Kentucky. I am pleased to announce that at end of October the collection has been successfully transferred to the campus of WKU. The archives are in good hands.
KFP archive at WKU
Collection at WKU!!

The partnership between the Kentucky Historical Society and the staff at Western Kentucky University has been a crucial part in the success of this major move. Some key staff members that assisted us with the move were the new KFP Director, Brent Björkman, and his graduate assistant, Lilli Tichinin; Manuscripts and Folklife Archives Coordinator, Jonathan Jeffery along with co-workers, staff and students; and Department Head of Folk Studies and Anthropology, Dr. Michael Ann Williams. Not only were all of these folks willing to help the KHS staff during the move, but they were enthusiastic about the new transition. By consolidating the KFP program and archives at WKU, WKU folk studies students have immediate access to real world applications to the field through direct access to the KFP, and very accessible entry to a new wealth of materials for researchers.

This project has not only given me the opportunity to manage a collection and help hone my professional skills, but it has opened my eyes to the great culture and traditions that are being created and preserved in the state of Kentucky. This has been an amazing project and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on it. I owe a lot of thanks to one of the main creators of the collections, former director of the KFP, and recent recipient of the American Folklore Society’s Benjamin A. Botkin Prize for his achievements in public folklore, Folklorist Bob Gates. Thank you Bob for all of your hard work, and for promoting Kentucky’s rich culture and traditions for the last two decades.

-Project Archivist, Heather Stone

Memories of the Rosenwald School

KHS collections: 1995ph2.25AAFRA4. Class at Rosenwald School, Frankfort, KY. ca. 1957.

As a young girl, Pam Reaves, a librarian at the Kentucky Historical Society, attended the Rosenwald Laboratory School located in Frankfort, KY. She shares her memories of Rosenwald School in today’s blog:

“The Rosenwald Laboratory School has been part of the Kentucky State Campus since the early 1950’s. The building still stands, although it is no longer used as a school and has been shadowed by one of KSU’s new dormitories.

It was called the Rosenwald Laboratory School or the Rosenwald Training School because we were a practice institution of the elementary education majors of KSU. The school was small. There were under seventy students most years. The classrooms contained several grades. K-3 was the primary department. The intermediate grades were grades 4, 5, & 6 and the junior high department was grades 7 & 8. We were really like one big family. Everyone knew everyone.


We were able to enjoy a lot of extra surprises because we were part of the KSU campus such as the time we got to enjoy the singing of Marian Anderson and the time we got to see the Louisville Orchestra.

We always had a school bazaar in March and the teachers and part of the Frankfort community would come up with all kinds if witty things to make our yearly event a success.

There was always that personal connection. I think the teachers knew everything about us. Most of them lived next door to us.

I remember one cold wet winter day almost half of the school went out for recess time and we got our leather shoes wet, too wet to wear. One of our teachers took it upon herself to dry them so we would not get from wearing wet shoes.  She put our shoes in the oven to dry and they all shrunk. Imagine having to tell all of those parents their children needed new shoes! I think we all had two pair of shoes: our Sunday shoes and our school shoes. It was not like today’s gallery of shoe choices. We only had the brownies or the saddle oxfords. This only showed how much the teachers always went beyond their duties to look out for us.

Another wonderful memory of Rosenwald is when we had every seamstress in Frankfort sewing our white organdy dresses for the Operetta we performed every year at the close of school.

Kentucky Historical Society’s digital collection contains Rosenwald photos and some of the KSU history of the early fun years at the Rosenwald School of Frankfort. Please come visit us and enjoy these wonderful collections!”

–Pam Reaves

Above image right: 1995ph2.19AAFRA1. Last school picture of Rosenwald Laboratory School, Kentucky State, 1977. 

Above image left: 1995ph2.31AAFRA1. The old three-room Rosenwald School, ca. 1952, locally known as the “Model School.” ca. 1952

KHS goes to Hollywood in “Lincoln”

In May I got a voicemail asking if the Kentucky Historical Society would be willing to allow recording of the ticking of Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch for a film. We get a lot of research requests here but this was special – the caller was Academy Award-winning sound designer Ben Burtt and the film was “Lincoln” directed by Steven Spielberg starring Daniel Day-Lewis!

I returned the call and got to talk to Burtt, which was pretty much heaven for a “Star Wars” nerd like me. Ben created the sound of lightsabers in “Star Wars” (and pretty much all the sounds in all the “Star Wars” movies)! Ben is a legend in the movie industry and helped create the modern sound design we now take for granted in films.

Ben told me he was trying to make the sounds in “Lincoln” as authentic as possible. He traveled the country recording “sounds Lincoln may have heard.” He recorded the sound of bells from a church near Washington, D.C., the sound of Lincoln’s church pew and more. The last sound he needed for the film was the sound of one of Lincoln’s watches ticking. He knew KHS had a watch that Lincoln had once used, and wanted to know if we’d allow his team to record it and use it in the film.

Although I very much wanted to help, I was initially skeptical. Lincoln’s watch is an iconic artifact at KHS and is irreplaceable. (See it in the KHS Objects Catalog at I was concerned that winding it could cause damage and I wasn’t going to risk a signature artifact if it looked at all risky. I told Ben I’d call him back, and talked to Bill Bright, a curator at KHS and our resident watch expert. Bill pulled the watch off display, examined it carefully and consulted with other experts. He reported that the watch was mechanically in perfect working order and that he recommended a test. He wound the watch, and a perfectly regular ticking came forth.


Here Greg (wearing headphones), Bill (blue shirt) and I are discussing the best position for the microphone on the watch inside KHS’s vault.

We were in business! I had several conversations with Ben to discuss flying the watch out to Skywalker Ranch to record the sound in one of their sound rooms, but the expense and risk of flying such a valuable artifact to California was too high. Instead, Greg Smith, one of Ben Burtt’s sound team, came to Frankfort to record the watch.

We set up in the “vault” – the quietest and most secure room in the building – and began recording. Greg has worked on numerous films and had chosen his equipment carefully. I attached a small microphone to the watch while Bill positioned everything just right in a box to muffle ambient noise while Greg recorded. We recorded the watch open and closed in various ways until Greg pronounced that he had everything he needed.

We were then sworn to secrecy, and told not to promote KHS’s small role in the project until we were given the go-ahead. This became increasingly difficult as Steven Spielberg traveled the country doing advance screenings and interviews – he has frequently mentioned the fact that the film used the sound of Lincoln’s actual watch! (see Spielberg’s 60 Minutes interview and his comments at a screening).

In fact, if you listen carefully while watching the film’s trailer you’ll hear the sound of the watch ticking repeatedly throughout.

If you want to see (and hear) Lincoln’s watch in person you can visit us here in Frankfort at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History!

–Trevor Jones, KHS director of museum collections and exhibitions