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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not an easy condition to have because this sexual condition basically prevents any man from having a successful sexual intercourse.  In case you are not aware, erectile dysfunction is a condition that prevents man from achieving penile erection that is very much a necessity for sexual intercourse.  Without such erection, vaginal penetration is not possible which is why you cannot have sex if you develop this penile condition.  Of course, this was in the past prior to the discovery of PDE5 inhibitor drugs by Pfizer.  These days, highly effective ED treatment drugs are available to you, such as sildenafil.  The availability of such drug is now very common that you can buy sildenafil over the counter with hardly any difficulty.

There are many reasons or causal factors as to why men develop this erectile condition.  It is estimated that 20% of men will get to experience erectile dysfunction within their lifetime.  This is such a high number that 1 out of 5 men will get it at some point that it is rather fortunate for those who do develop this condition that they can rely on sildenafil to help relieve them off this condition when needed.  Sildenafil is a very popular ED treatment drug wherein you have the option to buy sildenafil over the counter or you can buy it online.  Whether you choose to buy sildenafil over the counter or online is up to you.  What matters most is that you are able to buy the remedy you need to resolve your ED issue when necessary.

There are actually advantages and disadvantages on whether you buy your sildenafil over the counter or if you buy it online.  Some people buy sildenafil over the counter if they are not familiar to buying the stuff online or if they really need to use it immediately.  Unlike when you buy sildenafil online wherein you need to wait at least a week for the shipment to arrive at your place, buying sildenafil over the counter will let you get hold of the drug as soon as you pay for it.  This is actually the main advantage of buying sildenafil over the counter.

The advantage of buying sildenafil online on the other hand is that you are able to get great savings.  These days, you will find a lot more men preferring to buy sildenafil online because they are able to get great deals when they buy their ED treatment online.  This is because nearly all online merchants offer great deals per pill of sildenafil when you buy it online.  Additionally, if you are to get your ED treatment online in bulk, online merchants can offer you with even better deals.  This is no wonder you will now find more men buying their sildenafil online instead of buying their sildenafil over the counter.

The truth is that regardless of how you get your ED treatment, as long as you are able to acquire the drug you need is what matters most.  Whether it is a matter of preference, need, or savings, having the option to choose where to buy your sildenafil has definitely made ED life a bit more convenient.